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What is Clairvoyance? The term Clairvoyance (a clear see'er) commonly known as 6th sense, psychic gift or intuition. It originates (from French Clair meaning clear and voyance meaning ” vision” from voir “to see”) A Clairvoyant is a person who has the ability to see mental image pictures in their mind and can predict past, present or future events. One who is able to use their extrasensory perception known as (ESP) to see visions beyond normal senses.

We are all blessed with the gift of intuition. At times we question this gift, we don’t trust it, we wonder where it comes and how to use it. Learn easy techniques to explore and develop this gift and unveil the inner mysteries of your soul and discover your true healing power that lies within you. Our 6th chakra connections us to our intuition; comely known as the third eye or referred to as the 6th sense. Through it, we can become more insightful and have clarity about our future. The imagination is one of the keys in increasing this gift. Learn how to tap into this powerful force to increase your insight and expand your intuitive awareness.

 Learn tools to quiet the mind and sharpen your listening abilities to receive communication and guidance from God, the Archangels, unseen realm and Spirits from the light. Develop a personal relationship with your angels, learn to feel, hear, see and consciously channel them. You will receive self- healing meditations to clear the blocks that obstruct your clairvoyance.
Gather an array of tools, techniques and exercises through Guided visualization, healing meditations, soul retrieval, group discussions and divination tools to increase and heightened your awareness. This is a powerful class that provides you a deeper understanding of your soul’s journey and life purpose the gifts of your soul. 
Each students will be given a practice syllabus that supports you in relieving stress, anxiety and to balance your emotional energy.

This program is designed for your personal and spiritual growth as well as Professional development as a clairvoyant reader. It is excellent for those seeking personal healing, spiritual understanding, increasing personal awareness and a deeper connection with the Divine. Prerequisite: Desire to heal yourself and or help others 

Experience amazing shifts, rapid healing, emotional detoxification, mental cleansing, while learning. see schedule

This training is taught in three phases:

The first phase is dedicated to your healing, a spiritual purification and personal transformation: You will learn fundamental tools for clairvoyant development and working with angels. This phase includes a practice syllabus to guide you through your process of change and growth. Discover tools to free yourself from negative thoughts and behaviors, as well as common challenges we face in life. It is devoted to developing your clairvoyant skills, trusting your intuition, divination tools, spiritual anatomy (your seven chakras), soul retrieval, re-birthing, introduction to angels and spirit guides, balance and repair chakra’s, aura and energy grid and more

The second phase Students will read the pathway of the soul, past lives, karma clearing, and spiritual agreements; read the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical holding patterns the chakra’s store, beginning channeling techniques and more. Students will practice clairvoyant reading others in class, karma clearing techniques and more

Third phase is developing a personal relationship with your angels; receive divine guidance, learn to see, hear and consciousness channel them in this intermediate class; Students will practice and fine tune their reading skills. Channel archangels inside their body to speak, guide and heal. Learn out of body healing techniques for angels to clear: spiritual parasites that causes deep seated patterns of behavior, hexes, curses that is passed down through generations, repair the aura energy grid, balance chakras for distant and exercise advanced energy clearing techniques. Be the vessel of light and carry the message of love, healing and divine guidance.

As part of the training receive a practice syllabus of self-healing tools to keep you balanced. 12, 18 and or 24 month commitment. Certificate upon completion for 18 or 24 months. Prerequisite: Desire to heal yourself and or help others *Participants are required to participate in group reading, angelic channeling and private readings supervised and unsupervised; must complete 15 reading for certificate. schedule  

A special anointing ceremony for graduates; Certification upon completion

Clairvoyant Development & Angel Channeling Intensive Training  

This is an Intensive Avanced spiritual training program to develop your clairvoyance and consciously channel Archangels, Ascended Masters from the light to assess their information for guidance, inspiration and healing. 

Read past lives the Akashic records (past lives file)
• Read the path of the soul•Professional Clairvoyant development 
• Karma clearing techniques •Astral travel and ascension techniques. 

• Out of body healing techniques •Remote viewing
Balance chakras’ and repair the aura.
Tools of manifestation to create the life you want 

This class meet once a month. Students will receive a scheduled monthly private mini session with Monet for the first 6 months in addition to class. See schedule
Channel the Divine Feminine 

A healing circle for woman to develop their Clairvoyance and consciously channel Goddess of heavenly light for inspiration, healing and guidance. Learn to read the pathway of the soul for yourself and others, clear karma, balance and repair the chakra's & aura system and more. Receive insight about your current issues. Group interacting, sharing and open discussion, 13 months for level 1 & 21 months for Certificate of completion.
Reiki Attunement Level 1, 2, 3 & Master Training
Certification Healing Training

Angels, Healing, & Intuition Series
​Reiki Attunement Level 1, 2, 3 & Master
​Reiki Level 1, 2 & 3 Is an ancient Japanese a simple natural and safe form of spiritual healing.  Each participant will be attuned to the traditional Reiki symbols Dr. Usui system of Reiki  and trained to apply them to others. The students will learn hand placement, sacred symbols and intuitive touch.  Reiki utilizes the essential universal life force energy from the Divine that is in all living things; Rei =spirit or soul, Ki= air or breath. Students will learn to  channels sacred symbols from the divine into their body and draw them into the clients  body. Participants will discover how the symbols can be used to increase power, harmonize and balance body, mind and spirit; release emotional trauma & mental stress, balance your body’s energy to restore vitality for optimum health. 
 The class is a combination of practical hands on healing experience, guided meditation, tools of protection, decoding signs & symbols, chakra & meridians, open discussion and more. It’s fun, heart opening, full of energy and empowering schedule. 

 No prior experience necessary. pre-requisite commitment to attend the training day as scheduled.

Introduction to Reiki One 

A. Reiki origin and lineage
B. Principles of Reiki
C. Self healing techniques  

Reiki Level two:

A. Reiki Attunement 2
B. Hand on healing techniques
C. Symbols and meaning
D. Intuition, decoding signs
E. Certification of competition

Level 1 & 2 $ 400.00 level 3 & Masters 450.00 certification of completion 
Children welcome with parents age 12-18 years, level 1 & 2 only for teens. (285.00 for teens) 

Reiki and Beyond Includes the essential fundamental tools for healing how energy flows, divination tools and ways to protect your life force energy while healing others. 
Students will learn how to: 
  • Expand your extra-sensory ability to develop your Clairvoyance,Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Claircognizance.
  • Read mental, emotional, spiritual and physical holding patterns the chakras store
  • read past lives and ways to clear karma 
  • Channel healing light into your hands, heal with angels & guides feel the aura, clear and balance the chakras
  • to balance and repair the chakras, aura and energy grid. 

* For Reiki and Beyond students: additional charge of $35-55.00 per class for Intuitive, angelic and Healing classes​
Dr Mikao Usui
The Energy Masters total Body & Spiritual Healing series includes working with angels and spirit guides, fundamental tools for healing, Intuitive development, Reiki,• Chakra reading and balancing •Medical intuition •Energy medicine•Immune health•Emotional release and cellular DNA reprogramming•Assessment and applied kinesiology (muscle testing)•Color therapy,• Healing affirmations• Decoding signs and symptoms* Chinese medicine,•Meridians,Sound healing with tuning forks to balance the physical and subtle energy body with other healing Modalities.

The primary focus is Spiritual healing techniques, medical intuition and exploring the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical cause of dis-ease. Participants can take all healing classes or chose the one of choice.  Students will learn a variety of tools to balance the physical and subtle energy body. All classes include powerful healing meditations and practical hands on healing experience. The classes can be for personal healing and spiritual growth and for those who are interested in becoming a Certified as a Spiritual Healer, Angelic Healer and or Energy Master Intuitive Healer.
The Masters Energy Healing Series  includes:

Healing with the Angels:

Series level 1 is a combination of Clairvoyant development, working with angels and spirit guides to balance chakra's and aura. Participants will learn fundamental tools for healing, beginning clairvoyant development, working with angels and spirit guides to channel their light into your body for healing and guidance. You will expand your extra-sensory ability to see, feel and hear your angels. Receive a healing and experience amazing shifts while learning. This is a fun class!  See Schedule

• How energy flows • Intuitive Training Tools of protection • Spiritual anatomy (your chakra, aura and endocrine system)
• Repairing the chakras, aura and the energy grid 
• Working with angels and spirit guides • Special request clearing of emotional energy
• Identifying cords, repair energy leaks, whacks, tares and attaching spirits
• Absentee, surrogate and distant healing
 The series are listed below and includes:

#1 Essential tools for healing; Is a guided meditation class of healing tools. Students will learn how to  ground and center yourself, how energy flows and protect your energy field.Students will learn practical healing techniques and more (5 weeks). 

#2 Working with Angels and Spirit guides  Students meet the archangel Raphael and their healing master and learn the rules of working with them. This will awaken and strengthen your Clairvoyance and Clairaudience (hearing spirit) and clairsentience (feeling sensations) You will expand your extra-sensory ability and channel healing light into your hands to feel aura, spin and clear the chakra. Identify cords leaks, whacks, tares and Repair the energy grid. & more. Students will practice giving and receiving healing in class. (7 weeks)

#3 The seven Chakras (Spiritual Anatomy)  Journey into your seven Chakras to listen to the internal messages they have for you. Learn their location, purpose, the endocrine system and organs they govern. Discover how to adjust them to a balanced healthy vibration. Learn tools to clear the emotional, mental, physical energy and release the holding patterns they store. Explore a variety of tools to balance them with sound color affirmations. (7 week)

 #5 Level 2 Spiritual healer  Working with Angels for physical imbalances, Surrogate, distant and absentee healing. Learn to identify and remove attaching spirits and special request healing. Students will practice giving and receiving healing in class. (6 weeks)

#6 Master Energy Intuitive Healer You will learn Muscle testing with applied kinesiology to speak to the cell memory/tissue of the body to determine: the immune health, the emotional, mental, spiritual and physical cause of dis-ease and imbalance in the body. This modality includes use of Bach flower essences, affirmation, color therapy; sound healing with chakra tuning forks, meridians wash the 12 pathway associated with specific organs, five elements (Chinese medicine). emotional release (cellular release work), and reprogramming the DNA. This techniques used Bach flower essences and strengthen the chakra (12 months)

Healing Series :

What is numerology? Numerology is the study of numbers. Its base on Pythagoras, the Greek philosopher born (569-500bce) in Samos Greece. Pythagoras was a very important figure in mathematics, geometry, astronomy, musical theory, and in the world's history. He believed that everything has a numerical value and vibration to it. 

Numbers the Doorway to the Soul. 

Numerology is used to assist in your personal and spiritual growth.They are a powerful key that unlocks and open the doors to understanding the self. It provides information and understanding about the drive of your spirit, your life path; your talents, relationships, strengths, character, personality traits and positive attributes you have to share with the world. With its cyclical process, it is used as a guide to navigate your way through karma, life changes and challenges. And provides greater understanding to overcoming road blocks and obstacles, it gives you the key of knowledge in connecting and relating with others. Numbers affect our lives in a host of different ways. see Schedule 

 Learn about the meaning if the each number, how it unfolds the mysteries of your spiritual gifts, life purpose and soul path. We will explore the significance of the date of birth, combination of the numbers as well as how to use numerology for your daily and yearly forecast. By understanding the numbers and their messages we can have a better understanding of our daily challenges, and tools to navigate our future with ease.

••Birthday/ life path numbers 
Name numerology. 
Personality traits and Characteristics.  
Soul urge, Inner dreams, 
Karmic, cycles and lessons 
Relationships, master numbers,
Forecast personal year and more

Tarot, Numerology and Intuition

Based on The first part of the class focuses on numerology. Learn to forecast daily, weekly, and yearly events, universally and personally; understand life path and purpose, spiritual gifts, personality traits pros and cons and traits of each number from birthday charts and name. Discover the keys to navigate your way through life challenges to manifest and create your hearts desires. Students will learn to calculate and perform numerology readings for yourself and others. Explore how astrology, tarot and the Kabalah (tree of life) connect with numbers... 

The second half focus on Tarot combines Numerology and Clairvoyant training, with symbolism. How astrology correspond and  relates to tarot and numerology. Receive the basic fundamental tools to increase your intuition.Participants will learn to read tarot for yourself and others. Participants will learn to read tarot for yourself and others, Learn its origin, symbolism, interpretation, layouts, upright, reverse and card meaning. Bring journal pad, pen and paper.  It is always helpful in taking both classes. No prior experience needed for Tarot. approx 12 month commitment. Certificate upon completion

 Reiki Level 3 & Masters

A. Reiki Attunement 3 & Masters 
B. Symbols and meaning
C. Hands on Techniques
D Workbook
E.Certification of completion
Clairvoyant Development  Class  

 Develop your clairvoyance. Read the for yourself and others. 
  • Learn divination tools
  • Decode symbolism,
  • Read the soul path,
  • Seven chakra's and layers of aura.  
  •  Karma clearing, See phase 1& 2
Goddess of the Moon 

is a healing circle for women to awaken their intuition and reclaim their personal power. We will go back in time to release emotional wounds, limited beliefs and transform shame then, then journey into the heart to access your soul’s internal wisdom and reconnect with your authentic power. Introduction to class  space 

Explore ancient traditions of the red tent, one of the oldest and most effective forms of healing 
Create rites of passage rituals and healing ceremonies receiving blessings to strengthening each other
Meditation and divination tools for spiritual transformation and intuitive development.
Discover the three major cycles of the moon in relationship to your feminine energy, emotions and creative power.
Learn the goddess archetypes and how they relates to your character & personality
Connect with the four sacred directions and be in alignment with the universal energies 
Your spiritual anatomy, seven major chakras & more…