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IEM Healing Treatment

Intuitive Energy Medicine provides a powerful and fascinating way to heal and balance your body. This treatment speaks to the intelligence of your body with muscle testing applied Kinesiology, to determine where your body is losing vital energy. It reveals where your immune system is functioning and where the imbalance is coming from.  Our approach to health & wellness, is to include all aspects of ourselves, emotional, mental, spiritual then physical. This treats the root cause of ill-health, not just the symptoms.  

Once the assessment has taken place, the client lies on the massage table face up and several healing modalities are applied. The practitioner places their hands on the clients neurovascular points, then speak to the cell tissue, organs and memory of your body.  Some of the modalities are: hands on healing,  number harmonics, sound vibrational healing, DNA reprogramming, tapping, Chinese  medicine, meridian balance, quantum physics and light energy research. 

This healing is peaceful, soothing and relaxing,

Treatments help relief common ailments

  • Back Pain                                                                               Immune Deficiencies
  • Chronic Fatigue                                                                      Attention Deficit Disorder
  • Joint pain Stress                                                                     Digestive and Bowel problems
  • Tumors                                                                                   Dizziness
  • Headaches                                                                             Faulty memory
  • Fibromyalgia                                                                           Dyslexia
  • Sleeping disorder                                                                   Trauma PTSD

Your balance treatment includes 2 sessions.  The first session is approximately 2 hours.  It includes an emotional  and physical assessment as well as your balance treatment. In addition you will be given 7 simple energy moving exercise to boost your immune system and keep your body balanced. 
The second appointment is in 2-3 weeks later. It is about 1 hour to recheck your body system.  

2 hour session $ 260.00​
3 hour for 2 sessions $ 390.00

*This treatment is also available for distant and remote healing. See below: Angelic remote healing for how remote healing works.

​ Treatments to balance your body, mind and spirit   

Reiki hands on healing It is an ancient Japanese spiritual hands-on-healing method. It is a gentle touch to the body. Reiki is used to clear negative energy, heal specific conditions and unwanted habits. The client lies on the massage table fully clothed. The practitioner channels and draws sacred symbols into the clients body. These symbols are used to increase power, heal emotions and clear karma.

Reiki has many benefits and therapeutic effects, it aids in:

  • Reducing mental stress and worry, 
  • Helps clear emotional trauma 
  • Been known to reduce physical pain. 
  • It improves focus, increase energy and vitality, 
  • As well as balance the right and left brain.
  • Clears past, present and future karma

 The treatment is a very soothing, calming and relaxing. Its purpose is to promote healing and balance for your body, mind and spirit. 
Reiki gives us the opportunity to return to a harmonious balance. You will leave feeling restored, peaceful and rejuvenated! 
Distance and absentee healing available                         ​Reiki healing session 1 hour $139

Reiki hands on healing with Clairvoyant reading is a combination of 1 hour Reiki hands on healing with 30 min, Clairvoyant session. Or 1 hour clairvoyant reading with 30 min Reiki table healing. 1hour & 30 minutes $169.00
Chakra reading & Balancing includes a reading and assessment of your your seven chakras, emotions and endocrine system.

The assessment and reading uses muscle testing or a pendulum to find the mental, emotional and physical holding patterns in your chakra system.  Once found, your treatment includes

  • Guided visualization and guided meditation
  • Sound healing with tuning forks
  • Soul retrieval journey 
  • Emotional release
  • Affirmations

This enhances natural balance within the body and mind, leaving you with mental clarity, emotional healing, feeling balanced and transformed.

Treatments: 1 hour  139.00 | 1 hour & 30 minutes $169.00​

2 hour Chakra Balancing treatment combined with choice of one 1/2 hr. Reiki | Clairvoyant Reading | Intuitive Energy Medicine treatment $260.00

*This treatment is also available for phone session, skype or zoom. You will receive  a Clairvoyant Read of your Chakra, a guided visualization,  soul retrieval journey & or rebirthing and affirmations for your healing.
Helps with:

  Life transitions​
• Relationships
• Life Coaching
• Career
• Health challenges
• Personal and spiritual growth
• Fertility
• Clairvoyant development
• Weight loss
• Grief
• Introduction to Angels and spirit guides
• Emotional release
• and/or whatever you would like to address​

Package A. Receive four 1 ½ hr sessions per month; totaling 6 hours per month. $740.00 Appointments are scheduled weekly

Package B. Receive two 1 ½ sessions & one 1 hour weekly sessions; totaling 4 hours per month for $519 per month  Appointments are scheduled  week 3 times per month.

Package C. Receive two 1 ½ sessions totaling 3 hours per month 370.00 Appointments are scheduled biweekly;

How this package works:

Call, text or email to pre-schedule your appointments. Advance payments are required for Healing package. (For packages 2 & 3 an additional $20.00 fee for one 15-20 minutes emergency check in during difficult times)
(3 months minimum recommended for optimal healing) create a list your goals and healing desires. A practice syllabus available on request

Healing Package
 by Phone, Person, zoom, Skype 
Intuitive Energy Medicine Treatment
Quantum balancing for immune health

Your customized healing package starts with a clairvoyant reading and energy assessment of your situation 

Together we will have an open discussion about your current issues, emotional, mental and physical status as well your desired goals.

You will receive: a personalized blend of healing meditations, One on one coaching, and empowerment tools to practice based on your needs. These tools are designed to strengthen, align and balance your energy through your transitions.

Incorporated in your sessions may include: (NLP) Neuro-Linguistic programming: an approach to effective and mindful communication, personal development and behavioral patterns that will assist you in achieving your specific goals in life. 

You will learn essential tools for healing: ways to ground and center yourself, protect your energy field, increase awareness and gain knowledge about your spiritual anatomy, (your chakras) and how your subtle energy body works.  

Regression, rebirthing & Soul retrieval: a process to go back in time to gather and reclaim your inner child own your power in present time, release emotions, heal & clear deep seated wounds.  
Introduction to archangels for protection, guidance, healing and inspiration, and more… Sharing and open Discussions

 Experience amazing shifts, rapid healing as you manifest your hearts desires.
Spiritual Healing Package

Receive guidance | Healing | Support 

Customized private one-on-one Spiritual Healing Package.
 Is designed to empower, heal, inspire enlighten, strengthen and transform your life.
Chakra Reading and Balancing Treatment
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Remote and distant healing is the act of sending Divine healing light to another person for cleansing. Spiritual energy is nonphysical, it knows no bounds, it travels though time and space to heal the subtle body. It is similar to focused intent and positive prayer. I pray ask Great Spirit, the Archangel and deities of the light for their support to assist me in your healing. 

How it works

Make an appointment for your healing session. We will talk by phone, zoom and or skype for at the beginning of your healing session for approx.15-20 minutes. We will discuss your desires, concerns and set a theme for your energy healing. You will receive a Clairvoyant reading of your chakra, aura and energy grid to determine where you are losing energy and best healing for you. Once determined, You will lie down in your home where you will not be disturb and receive your healing. I will call you when I am finished and we will discuss what took place for your healing, share your experience and next step. (This process is for 1hour and half hour appointments only).

For 1/2 hour sessions: Emails us your name and request we will confirm a day and time for you to receive your angelic remote healing. You will receive a 15 min. phone call at the end of your healing session and discuss what took place and next step for you. (phone call for us only)

Special prayer request for an Angelic Healing sent to you
Email us your first and last name and your request. (one request per person)
We will email you will a time to be quiet and still for your healing appointment. It takes about 15 min$35.00 donation

During the healing 

Most people have stated feeling relaxed, or like a dream -like consciousness, with light tingle sensation and light vibrations moving through their body. Many reported seeing colors and some can feel the presence of the angels healing them.

  30 min. $90.00   1 hour $139.00     1.5 hour $169.00 

Angelic Remote Distant Healing 

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Angelic Remote Healing
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