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Reiki hands on healing with Clairvoyant reading While lying on the massage table; ancient healing energy is channeled into your body. Reiki hands on healing balances mental, emotional energetic bodies and relaxes the physical body. In addition to the treatment Clients will receive a 30 min. clairvoyant reading  can ask one to two questions and will receive information about their healing session and will be given healing tools for your journey.
($165.00 for 90 minutes) *Prices for Petaluma office only 

 Reiki with Reflexology Combined with 1 hour Reiki, with 30 min. stimulating pressure on specific areas of the feet, which correspond to the internal organs and structures of the body.  ($135.00 for 90 minutes) add $30.00 to add clairvoyant reading for 15 min. reading

Balance for your body, mind and spirit   

What is Reiki?

Reiki is an ancient  Japanese form of Hands on healing; it is a spiritual healing method that is natural and safe for the body, mind and spirit. It is used to clear negative energy, heal specific conditions and unwanted habits. Reiki is essential universal life force energy from the Divine, which is in all living things; Rei meaning: spirit or God’s Wisdom, and Ki which is life force energy air or breath.

The healing is a gentle touch to the body. The client lies on the massage table fully clothed. The practitioner channels sacred symbols from the divine, into their hands, down into the client body. It is a calming and relaxing treatment.

Reiki has many benefits and therapeutic effects, it aids in reducing mental stress and worry, helps clear emotional trauma, and in some incidences has been known to reduce physical pain. It can improve focus, increase energy and vitality, as well as balance the right and left brain. Its purpose is to promote healing for your body, mind and spirit.

We each have the innate ability to heal ourselves on every level. Reiki gives us the opportunity to return to a harmonious balance.

 “Heal the spirit and the spirit heals the body”.  

​Reiki healing 1& 15 min. session  $135.00

Chakra Balancing Treatment - Introduction to the energy system and the chakra system using sound with chakra tuning forks, affirmations, visualization and guided meditation. This enhances natural balance within the mind and body allowing for clarity and reflection. ($160.00 for 90 minutes) Rebirthing, chakra balance and soul regression $250. for 150 minutes 

• Life Transitions                                                       
• Relationships
• Life Coaching
• Career
• Health challenges
• Personal and spiritual growth
• Fertility
• Clairvoyant development
• Weight loss
• Grief
• Introduction to Angels and spirit guides
• Emotional release
• and/or whatever you would like to address​

A. Four 1 ½ hr sessions per month; totaling 6 hours per month. $560 Appointments are scheduled weekly(Includes1-2 additional 15-20 minutes emergency check in during difficult times)

B. Two 1 ½ sessions f/b 2 one hour weekly sessions; totaling 5 hours per month for $520 per month savings of $60.00 Appointments are scheduled weekly;

C. Two 1 ½ sessions totaling 3.5 hours per month 300.00 Appointments are scheduled biweekly;

D. One  1 1/2 & 1 hr. Private teaching one on one session total  2.5 hour per month 280.00 scheduled biweekly phone or skype only.
​Healing package prices

How this package works:

Call, text or email to pre-schedule your appointments. Advance payments are required for Healing package. (For packages 2 & 3 an additional $20.00 fee for one 15-20 minutes emergency check in during difficult times)
(3 months minimum recommended for optimal healing) create a list your goals and healing desires. A practice syllabus available on request

Healing Package
 by Phone, Person or Skype only
Healing Treatments
Reiki Healing session and Beyond
Your customized healing package starts with a clairvoyant reading and energy assessment of your situation this will identify where you lose vital energy. It uncovers the root cause of your feelings, thoughts and patterns of behaviors.

Together we will have an open discussion about your current issues, emotional, mental and physical status as well your desired goals.

You will receive a personalized blend of healing meditations and empowerment tools to practice. These tools are designed to strengthen, align and balance your energy through your transitions.

Incorporated in your sessions may include: (NLP) Neuro-Linguistic programming: an approach to effective and mindful communication, personal development and behavioral patterns that will assist you in achieving your specific goals in life. 

You will learn essential tools for healing: ways to ground and center yourself, protect your energy field, increase awareness and gain knowledge about your spiritual anatomy, (your chakras) and how your subtle energy body works.  

Regression, rebirthing & Soul retrieval: a process to go back in time to gather and reclaim your inner child own your power in present time, release emotions, heal & clear deep seated wounds.  
Introduction to archangels for protection, guidance, healing and inspiration, and more… Sharing and open Discussions

 Experience amazing shifts, rapid healing as you manifest your hearts desires.

Spiritual Healing Package

Receive guidance, healing, support and a variety of energy clearing tips to balance and rejuvenate your life force energy.

Customized private one-on-one Spiritual Healing Package. Is designed to educate, strengthen, empower and transform your life. These packages can assist you with: