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Office hours Tuesday - Wednesday 11:00-6:00 pm Thursday 11-4:30

Reading price for phone, Skype, Zoom  (for Petaluma office only) 

$90.00 for 30 min.    $139. 00 for 60 min.          $169 for 90 min.

Share an 1.5 appointment  for two people add **20.00 for shared appointments

In person session is additional $10.00

* Monet's Clairvoyant  reading & Healing services available 
    Friday and Saturday 9-4:00 in Sonoma, CA 
  at The Fairmont Sonoma Mission Resort and Spa  Reservation: 707 938-9000 or 877-289-7354

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What to expect for your Clairvoyant Reading?  

Monet will invoke a prayer bless and invites Mother/Father God and Archangels for spiritual guidance, communication and miraculous healing.
She specializes in reading blocks, holding patterns that stops you from moving forward then gives you tips and tool to navigate you life with ease. All sessions includes a birthday numerology reading for greater knowledge of your souls journey and your personal year. This gives you strength, wisdom and knowledge to meet the challenges in life you must face

She shares words of wisdom, receives divine guidance and provides answers for your questions.

Sample Questions and Topics may include:

  • ​Life purpose & Spiritual Direction
  • Career, Business, Money,
  • Relationships past, present and future outlook
  • Messages from your loved Ones,
  • Angels, Dreams 
  • Past Lives & more
  • ​Karma Clearing
  • Health

Have your  list of questions, concerns and/or personal goals ready for your reading.

Birthday numerology: Provides information about your destiny prepares you for future events, upcoming challenges and unfolds your life path and earthly mission. Its main purpose is to get a deeper understanding of yourself, your personality traits, as well as your specific talent that can greatly benefit you in the fulfillment of your life destiny.

 Medium-Spiritual communication with loved ones who have passed to bring peace of mind, comfort and messages

Past Life or Déjà vu Reading- A peek into your past lives and  why things happen to you. It could be karma! receive a karma clearing 

Chakra Reading- A healing of your chakra system to clear and heal the blocks that keep you stuck from moving into your joyful life purpose

Medical Intuition- A scan of your body for patterns of di-ease, awareness of what the body is trying to tell you will begin the healing 

Couples/Relationship Reading- Discover the spiritual purpose and reason of your relationship and come away with spiritual tools for enhancing your connection.

Parent and Child reading Enhance your spiritual and emotional connection with your children.

Tarot Reading The cards bring greater understanding to your current questions.

Readings for Groups, Parties, Winery's, Bridal showers, and your special events

  Gift Certificates available

Clairvoyant healing Package is a custom blend of personalized healing services. 

This package helps with:

  • Life transitions  
  • Relationship  
  • Stress and anxiety 
  • Trauma & PTSD
  • Fears and phobias
  • Personal Healing & Spiritual Growth
  • Health imbalances
  • Emotional release
  • One on one Learning
  • Divorce
  • Your current issues and more..

All packages start with clairvoyant reading and assessment of your energy and personal needs. This is a personalized custom blend of a variety of healing services, empowerment and self healing tools 

 It  may include one or more of the following services:

  • · Private one-on-one teaching and healing.

  • · Channeling & Clairvoyant development

  • · A personalized guided meditation  journey

  • · Chakra reading and balancing

  • · Re-birthing, regression and soul retrieval

  • · Reiki, Distant healing and more

  • A variety of energy clearing techniques to balance, heal and repair your energy grid

Experience amazing shifts, rapid healing, spiritual insight that will transform your life!

How this package works: You will receive a series of pre-scheduled appointments according to your package.

Package A. Receive four 1 ½ hours weekly sessions; totaling 6 hours per month $740 Appointments are scheduled weekly, in advance,

Package B. Receive two 1 ½ sessions and one 1hour  sessions; totaling 4 hours per month for $520 per month Appointments are scheduled 3 times per month. 

Package C. Receive two 1 ½ hours session meets twice per month (bi-weekly).  $370.00 

Price based for Phone, Skype or Zoom sessions only

Our Clairvoyant readings provides you:

 Spiritual guidance and insight 

Brings peace & comfort your soul

 It heals the body, emotions, mind and spirit 

Spiritual Counseling
 Email to schedule a reading 

Spiritual Healing Package

 Balance for your Body, Mind, Emotions & Spirit 
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A Clairvoyant reading brings profound changes to your life by increasing your awareness. You will gain new perspectives on your current issues and questions. The reading is not fortune-telling, rather it is spiritual guidance and intuitive Counseling. 

The reading is a tool to help seekers gracefully navigate their way through life changes. It accelerates personal and spiritual growth, as well as provides you with tips and tools to assist you in your life's journey. 

You will find your reading validating, educational, healing, transformative and fun!
A ​Key that opens the door to your Souls internal wisdom
Healing Package