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Reading fee for phone or in person or Skype (for Petaluma office only) 

$90.00 for 30 min. $135. 00 for 60 min. $165 for 90 min. $270.00 for 2 hours
 Share an 1.5 appointment  for two people add **20.00 for shared appointments

Call 707-766-9776 or send email to schedule a reading at:

* Pricing available for Parties/Groups or your special event 
  Gift Certificates available

* Monet's Clairvoyant services available Friday and Saturday in Sonoma, CA
  The Fairmont Sonoma Mission Resort and Spa  Reservation: 707 938-9000 or 877-289-7354
 see schedule

The private clairvoyant reading is not fortune-telling, rather it is intuitive spiritual counseling. It’s a tool to help seekers gracefully navigate through life changes, gain new perspectives on current issues and accelerate personal and spiritual growth. You’ll find your reading validating, educational, healing, and fun. It brings profound changes to your life by increasing your awareness, seeing things from a higher perspective and provides tips and tools to assist you in your life's journey. The Clairvoyant reading is healing and transformative! 

What to expect for your Clairvoyant Reading?  
Monet will invoke a prayer and invite in Mother/Father God and the Archangels for intuitive communication and miraculous healing. She answers your questions, shares words of wisdom, receives divine guidance for inspiration and healing.
For your in person session you’ll be expected to keep your feet flat on the floor, your eyes open and your arms relaxed. Bring a list of questions, concerns and/or personal goals to your reading.

Sample Questions and Topics may include:

​•Spiritual Direction, Life Purpose, Career, Business, Money, 

Relationships, Messages from your loved Ones, Health 

Angels, Dreams, Past Lives, Your current issues, Tarot & more.

Birthday numerology: Provides information about your destiny prepares you for future events, upcoming challenges and unfolds your life path and earthly mission. Its main purpose is to get a deeper understanding of yourself, your personality traits, as well as your specific talent that can greatly benefit you in the fulfillment of your life destiny.

 Medium-Spiritual communication with loved ones who have passed to bring peace of mind, comfort and messages

Past Life or Déjà vu Reading- A peek into your past lives and a karma clearing 

Chakra Reading- A healing of your chakra system to clear and heal the blocks that keep you stuck from moving into your joyful life purpose

Medical Intuition- A scan of your body for patterns of di-ease, awareness of what the body is trying to tell you will begin the healing 

Couples/Relationship Reading- Discover the spiritual purpose and reason of your relationship and come away with spiritual tools for enhancing your connection.

Parent and Child reading Enhance your spiritual and emotional connection with your children.

Tarot Reading The cards bring greater understanding to your current questions.

Clairvoyant Reading
The door way to your Soul

  Insight to heal & comfort your body, mind and soul 

Spiritual Counseling

Package A. Receive four 1 ½ hr weekly sessions; totaling 6 hours per month $600 Appointments are scheduled weekly, in advance

Package B. Receive two 1 ½ sessions and two 1 hour weekly sessions; totaling 5 hours per month for $540 per month Appointments are scheduled weekly;

Package C. Total of 3 hours per month. Clairvoyant reading, Distant Angelic Spiritual Healing, daily prayer and interpretation of healing, distant Package Total of 3 hours includes two 11/5 healing sessions scheduled biweekly or once a month for 2 months. $300.00

Package D.Total of 2.5 hour per month receive 1 ½ for your first session and one 1 hour session scheduled for biweekly sessions for 280.00 per month ( 2 months minimum) 

Spiritual Package for healing for guidance and manifestation

Experience a personalized custom blend of empowerment and self healing tools: a guided meditation and a variety of energy clearing techniques to re-balance and rejuvenate your energy flow. This includes a Clairvoyant reading and assessment, chakra reading and balancing and may include a distant healing. Make a list your goals, healing desires and current issue. Experience amazing shifts, rapid healing, spiritual insight that will transform your life!

How this package works: You will receive a series of pre-scheduled appointments according to your package. Practice syllabus of tools for daily use.

 Your personalized package helps with

  • Relationship 
  • Current issues  
  • Life transitions
  • Stress management
  • Clears fears & Phobias
  • Personal & Spiritual Growth
  • Uncover and identify your hidden core beliefs to heal deep seated wounds
  • Answers to your questions

Phone or Skype sessions only 

What is Reiki?

Reiki Hands on healing is a spiritual healing method that is natural and safe for the body, mind and spirit. It is used to clear negative energy, heal specific conditions and unwanted habits. Reiki is essential universal life force energy from the Divine, which is in all living things; Rei meaning: spirit or God’s Wisdom, and Ki which is life force energy air or breath.

It is an ancient Japanese form of healing, a gentle touch to the body, lying on of hands technique where the client lies on the massage table or sits in a chair, the practitioner channels sacred symbols from the divine, into the practitioner’s hands, down into the client body.  

The symbols are used to increase power, to clear emotional trauma, fear, nervousness, habitual patterns, depression, anger, and balances the right and left brain etc. While another symbol is used to assess Akashic records (past life files) clear karma from previous lifetime. Since energy knows no bounds, there is a symbol that travels over time and space known as distant or absentee healing; to name a few. Therefore the client can receive a Reiki healing any time and from any location.  

​Reiki benefits 

Reiki has many benefits and therapeutic effects on the body, mind and spirit. It clears the mind, reduces mental stress and worry and can improve focus. It has been used in conjunction with other medical techniques to relieve side effects and promotes healing. The Reiki healing creates balance in all levels and harmonizes the emotions, brings peace of mind and puts the body in a total state of relaxation. “Heal the spirit and the spirit heals the body”.​ 

​Healing Treatments

​Spiritual Healings
Balance for your body, mind and spirit 
​Reiki Hands on Healing

Chakra Balancing
Angelic Healing

Distant Healing

 ​Reiki healing   Reiki  is a form of spiritual healing.While lying on the massage table; the practitioner
channels ancient Reiki symbols into their hands into your body. It soothes the mind, assist in clearing spiritual and emotional imbalances, relaxes the physical body and reconnects the body, mind and spirit.1 Hours session only $135.00 

Reiki hands on healing with Clairvoyant reading  In addition to the treatment Clients receive a 30 min. clairvoyant reading can ask one to two questions and will receive answers to your questions, information about your healing session and will be given healing tools for your journey.
($165.00 for 90 minutes

 Reiki with Reflexology Combined with Reiki, receive a foot massage that stimulates specific areas of the feet, which correspond to the internal organs and structures of the body.  ($135.00 for 75 minutes

Upgrade your Healing session $35.00 for 15 min. clairvoyant reading. or $65.00 for 30 min  * Prices for Petaluma office only
Chakra Balancing Treatment - Introduction to the energy system and the chakra system using sound with chakra tuning forks, affirmations, visualization and guided meditation. This enhances natural balance within the mind and body allowing for clarity and reflection. ($160.00 for 90 minutes) Rebirthing, chakra balance and soul regression $250. for 150 minutes 
 Develop your Clairvoyance become Certified