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Schedule  for  2021 & 2022   
Dates and classes subject to change
 One on one training
Online Classes 

See Monet at The Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn Resort and Spa 

Fridays & Saturday 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Services offered:
• Intuitive Readings, Tarot, Couples reading,
Massage Therapy, Deep Tissue
Chakra Balancing, Energy Alignment, 
Reiki with Reflexology, Guided Meditation

To schedule your appointment (707) 938-9000 or Spa services: 1-877-289-7354
100 Boyes Blvd. Sonoma, California
 Body & Mind

Friday & Saturday
Wise Women Wednesdays = (The 3 W's)

Online | Zoom Meeting

Starts TBA Time:10:30 AM-11:15 AM

prerequisite: none
The 3 W’s – is a meditation circle for women to connect with the Divine Feminine realm for inspiration and personal healing.
Receive her guidance, wisdom and assistance for your daily and contemporary needs.

Experience a guided meditation to ground and open your heart center.  Our first Divine connection is with Mother Mary
This circle meets once a month for 2 months on the third Wednesday of each month. * This class is a introduction to
 channeling the Divine Feminine.

Dates: TBA Email dates

Price: USD donation 

Monday with Monet - An Angel a month​

Online | Zoom Meeting

Starts: Monday Nov 1, 2021 4:30 am-5:30 am

prerequisite: none

An Angel a Month - is an introduction to Archangels, Ascended masters and other deities from the light. In this spiritual based monthly meditation healing series to meet and know the them. Discover their gifts, how they work in our lives.
Participants will experience: 
Guided visualization and grounding meditation to meet the angels
Feel their presence, learn to communicate and listen to them
Know who to call on for your specific needs
Receive Angelic guidance, support and a healing

Every month offers a different Angel, Topics & healing theme 

 Nov. 1, Dec. 6 & Jan. 3 2022

PriceUSD suggested donation $20.00

For class detail and information see Classes
To secure your place for class or to rsvp contact us
​Office hours Tuesday - Thursday 11-6 for private appointments
​The classes & workshops are designed to educate, inspire and provide healing tools for your personal and spiritual growth. 

These valuable tools and techniques have been known to inspire, recharge and balance your body, mind and spirit.

Leave feeling enlightened, relaxed, centered, empowered and refreshed​
Essential Tools for Healing level 1 & 2

Online | Zoom Meeting

New Starts: Sunday Jan.9, 2022 Time 10:30 AM – 12:00 PM Pacific Time (us & Canada)

Essential tools for Healing – are a series of four self-healing meditation classes. It provides you with necessary tools to enhance awareness, cleanse and heal your body, mind and emotional energy.  
Participants will learn how your energy flows and a variety of practical healing techniques to use in your daily life 

• Manage stress & anxiety
• How to stay grounded, centered and balanced
• Protect your energy field from unwanted energy
•Reset, Rejuvenate and replenish yourself & more

This practicum will take place over four consecutive weeks Dates Jan.16,23,30 
Essential tools for Healing are an integrative practice and a prerequisite for the following courses:  

Clairvoyant Development, 
Angelic Healing, All Channeling Programs
Reiki and Beyond 
 Chakra Reading & Balancing Certification Classes

Price: USD Suggested Donation $ 20.00 per class
Price reduction
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The Spiritual Anatomy your seven Chakras - 7 weeks

Online | Zoom Meeting

StartsSunday Oct. 10, 2021 Time10:30 AM-12:30PM 

​prerequisite: none

Your chakras -hold the keys to your health, intuition, relationships and success in life. The chakras provide us with knowledge to understand ourselves, our emotions, consciousness; our spirit and life path.

Discover:& learn:
• How to adjust and balance them
• The locations and purpose of each chakra
• The endocrine system and organ they relate to
• How to listen to their signals and understand their internal messages
• The color they attract and ways to clear and balance them
Receive a guided meditation journey into each chakra to access your power and wisdom 

*This class is a requirement for all certification programs 

Dates: Oct. 17, 21, 31 Nov. 14, 21​ Dec. 5

Price: USD 120.00 for 7 weeks 
After payment you will be emailed a workbook

Channeling the Divine Feminine
Clairvoyant Training and Channeling Certification Class for Women

Starts: Wednesday Jan 5, 2022 Time: 10:00AM-12:00 PM

Online | Zoom Meeting 

prerequisite: none.

Channel the Divine Feminine - is a clairvoyant development and medium training for women. It is safe place where women can increase their intuition and learn to consciously channel the feminine architypes, deities from the light; for guidance, inspiration, healing and personal power. This class has a strong emphasis on emotional clearing and detoxification, to heal and awaken your intuition.
Participants will learn to read:
The path of the soul for yourself and others, 
The Akashic records, karma clearing techniques, 
How to balance and repair the chakra's & aura system 
Receive Menarche Ceremony and rites of passage rituals
Healing meditation and more. 
Group interacting, sharing and open discussion, 15 months for level 1 Certificate of completion.

Dates:  Jan. 5, 19, 2022, Feb. 2, 16, March 2, 15, April 6, 20 May 4, 18, June 1, 15, July 6, 20, Aug. 3, 17, 
Sept.7, 21, Oct.5, 19, Nov. 2, 16, Dec 7 & 21, Jan. 4, 18, 2023 Feb.1, 15, March 1 & 15

Price: $80.00 per month or 1,125.00 for full all inclusive program

​Numerology Certification

​Class Start: Jan. 13, 2022 Time: 4:30-6PM

Online | Zoom Meeting 

prerequisite: none.

Dates: Jan. 13, 20,27, 2022, Feb. 3,10,17,24, March 3,10,17,24,31, April 7,14, 21  28, May 12 & 26 Certificate on completion

Price: $70.00 per month or 350 for 5 months or $650.00 Total of 9 month
Essential Tool class
Reiki 1,2 3 & Beyond- 7 weeks

Online | Zoom Meeting & in Person

Starts Sunday Jan. 9, 2022 Time 1:30SPM-4:00PM  Starts with essential tools Dates (Jan.16,23,30 Feb. 6, 13,20,27 March 6, 13, 20 , 27, 2022

Reiki 1 is online Starts Sunday March 27, 2022 

Reiki level 2 & 3  Class in Person 1:30-4:00 PM

Dates for Reiki April 3, 10, 17, 24 May 1, 15, 22, 29, 2022 Certificate on completion

New class starts Wednesday Feb.16 6PM-8PM
Feb. 23, March 2,9,16,23,30 April 6, 13, 20, 28 May 4, 11 18

Price: $575.00 (Reiki 1,2 &3 includes essential tools and 7 chakras)
Clairvoyant Development Certification Training Program

Sunday September 12, 2021 ( Starts with Essential Tools 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM

Online | Zoom Meeting

prerequisite: A desire to heal yourself and help others

This clairvoyant training program designed to increase your intuition, develop your clairvoyance and to increase your healing abilities. This program aids in your personal and spiritual growth as well as certifies you as a professional clairvoyant reader & Spiritual Intuitive Counselor. It is excellent for those seeking personal awareness and healing, spiritual understanding and a deeper connection with the Divine.  

Starts with:
The essential tools for healers (4 weeks)
Spiritual anatomy 7 chakra & 7 layers of the Aura (7 weeks)
Regression, rebirthing and soul retrieval (4 weeks)
Decode signs and symptoms
To the read the path of the soul/read for others
How to read the Akashic records (past life files)
Karma and clearing techniques
And more….
Experience amazing shifts, rapid healing, emotional detoxification, mental cleansing, while learning. 13 month commitment for beginning.

Price $129.60 per month or 1,685.00 for full program all classes included


Clairvoyant Certification Program
​Healing with Angels and Spirit guides Certification Training Program

Online | Zoom Meeting & in Person

Sunday September 12, 2021 4:30 PM - 6:30 PM with prerequisites Essential tools 4 weeks
f/b 7 Chakras (7 weeks)

Healing with Angels and Spirit guides  Starts: Monday January 10, 2022 4:30PM -6:30 PM

Connect and work with the angelic realm to heal yourself and others. Student will meet the archangel Raphael (the healing angel) and channel the angels healing light into your hands, to heal and balance the subtle body and repair the energy grid.
Discover tools to expand your extra-sensory ability, awaken your Clairvoyance, strengthen your Clairaudience (hearing spirit) and clairsentience (feeling sensations).

Participants will learn:
Tools and rules to work with Angels for healing
Feel the aura, spin and balance the chakras. 
Identify cords, leaks, whacks, tares and holes in the aura & repair the energy grid
Healing techniques for spiritual, emotional, mental and physical imbalances
Remote, distant, surrogate and absentee healing techniques. 
To identify and remove attaching spirits 
Karma clearing and special request healing. 
Students will practice giving and receiving healing in class. (4 months) Certification on completion
​Angelic Healing Certification Training Jan. 10, 2022 Time 4:30- 6

Date: Jan 17, 24, 31, Feb. 7, 21, 28 March 7, 21, April 4, 18,
 May 2, 16, 30 June 13, 20, 27, July 11, 25 Break no class in Aug.
Advanced Remote Angelic healing starts:. Sept. 12, 26, Oct 10, 24, Nov 7, 21 Dec. 5, 19 last class

Class starts with
The essential tools for healers (4 weeks)
Spiritual anatomy 7 chakras (7 weeks)
  Rebirthing & Soul Retrieval (4 weeks)
Introduction to angels and their purpose
Practicum giving and receiving healing in class
Clairvoyant and clairaudient strengthening exercises
Decode patterns, signs and symptoms 
Various healing & more

11 months
Price: $109. per month or 1,199.00 for 11 month ( not including essential tools and 7 chakras class)

​*All certification classes start with Essential tools followed by Your spiritual anatomy (the7 chakras) Rebirthing& Soul retrieval
 workshop.  These classes are a requirement and foundational tools that are used for the practicum exercise.  
Reiki & Beyond Certification
Healing with Angels
Channeling the Divine Feminine
Essential Tools for Healing level  2

Online | Zoom Meeting

New Starts: Sunday Jan.9, 2022 Time 10:30 AM – 12:00 PM Pacific Time (us & Canada)

Level 2  – teaches you how  to ground and set the energy in your home and work space.  More tools of clearing and healing.
Series of four self-healing meditation classes. Date: Feb .13,20,27  
​20.00 per class
7 Chakra Class